Our Services

If you are planning to visually communicate your content, thoughts and data in attractive presentations, then you can connect with Step Up sliderz. Our extensive experience helps us to understand the requirement better to deliver world-class PowerPoint Presentations. We are offering a wide range of powerpoint presentation and graphic design services.

It is boring to see the same slide design every time. With our design team (ex-McKinsey & Co), we enhance the visual look of your slide by adding more life to your slides.


Infographics transform the complex story of your company, process product, or even market data and give them  visual platform in a simple way

Enhancing & Beautification

we will add illustration, image background, icons, re-do design elements, add animation, recreate charts & tables, add transition effect

Standard Formatting

Slide formatting involves arranging already available icons, texts, diagrams, and other elements, doing consistency checks, fixing default elements.

Template Design

We design your own brand templates that follows your brand guidelines in every aspect. We focus onoverall appearance, graphics,  etc in the layouts.

Graphic Design

We offer Graphic design services at a low price that suits any budget. Our designs meets your requirement both in logical and theoretical way.

Logo Designing

Your company logo denotes your brand value, we make it super astonishing, simply attractive with creative ideas which has indepth meaning